Facelift with 6D Platinum
Laser Lift™

The newest technology to give your skin the lift it needs without pain,
downtime, injectables or going under the knife.
6D Laser noninvasive lift


Do you want a natural facelift without looking overdone? We all want beauty that looks effortless, but surgery may not always be the best option nor the most affordable. The good news is that we have the newest technology to give your skin the lift it needs without pain, downtime, injectables or going under the knife.



It may sound too good to be true but our 6D Platinum Laser Lift™ works on the skin like magic by tightening, lifting, stimulating collagen and refining skin texture for a smooth finish. The laser goes beyond the surface and deeper into the skin to affect the connective structure. The procedure is simple and before you know it, it’s all done in a quick, painless session with immediate results! Our patients hardly notice when the treatment starts but definitely do when it’s finished. The lines are gone, the cheeks are lifted, the eyes are fresh, the lips soft and full and their skin absolutely glowing. Our before and after pictures say everything.



The laser takes care of many problem areas like scars, spider veins, acne, skin tags, rosacea, big pores, smoker lines, thin lips, wrinkles and hair removal. We can also easily contour the face by reducing fat tissue in double chins and lift the jawline – giving you a chiseled look without the extra layers that have taken away your natural shape. Besides these target areas, our innovative laser technology also allows us to reduce snoring which bothers many people.



6D Platinum Laser Lift™ is a new technology that we recently brought to Harley Street and was featured in the Tatler Guide 2018 for a non-invasive face lift. Did you know that this laser was first developed in 1964 in the army for defence? It has since continued to advance in communications, medicine and dentistry. They have worked hard for over 50 years to give us the best innovation in treatments to achieve incredible results without invasive methods.



We use this highly advanced space technology to put an end to plastic surgery. For the simple reason that nobody needs to go through pain, anaesthesia and downtime for the sake of beauty. It can be simple, effortless and painless to feel amazing in your own skin and we want to make that possible and accessible for you.



In the first session, we already build a good foundation for the skin’s condition and continue to follow up with more sessions within a 6-12 month plan to further improve and maintain the quality of the skin. Your skin and well being is our first priority – everything we discuss during our consultation will ensure that the procedure is tailored to your specific needs so you can get the most out of the treatment. We take into account your medical history, previous skin conditions as well as the present quality of your skin. The combination of our advanced technology, extensive knowledge and expertise will make sure that you are in safe and effective hands.



After the treatment, the skin still needs to cool and breathe. It may be tempting to touch your freshly resurfaced skin, but you must wait at least an hour before you do. In the same way, avoid taking hot baths or showers, sauna, steam, sunbeds and any sun exposure. Postpone your facial appointments and give your skin the time it needs to heal and rebuild.



We look at the entire treatment as a whole, instead of just one session. From pre-planning to aftercare, every part of the process helps with the complete rebuilding of your skin. Our Dr. Gabriela clinical line is made specifically for healing, rejuvenating and moisturising after treatments. We have done all the research and carefully selected the right products just for you. This way, you save time and have everything planned out for the course of the treatment before and after.



A daily spritz of our Magic Rain Molecular Hydramist (with antibacterial molecular water & silver) five times a day locks in the moisture your skin needs. Compliment it with the Aesthetic Face Lift Serum that also includes hyaluronic acid – twice a day and finish it off with our everyday molecular moisturiser – Moonlight Dust Day Cream. Every product is made with the perfect concoction of natural ingredients to complement the results of the treatment and support anti-ageing. Our unique ingredient – Molecular Water is the main force behind the magic.



The laser treatment can be done on any skin type and at any age with a parent or guardian’s consent except for lifting. Lifting is only performed on mature skin over 21 years.


Simply book a consultation with us and we can create a bespoke cosmetic experience just for you.

6d platinum laser lift

The loss of my husband, responsibility of being a single mother and managing a business at the same time left me looking at another person in the mirror. I saw an exhausted, overworked and unhappy woman I couldn’t recognize. My skin looked dull, dehydrated with wrinkles that I especially hated around my eyes, and thin lips that had lost all the volume I used to love. Despite my slim build, my face felt unnaturally puffy and only reflected the harsh times I had gone through. When I finally made my way into Dr Gabriela’s clinic, I could feel the years of grief, stress and overwhelming burden literally bringing my skin down. I was ready to make any changes necessary to build my life again.


Dr Gabriela took my skin into her hands and performed a 6d Laser Platinum Lift to tackle my nosolabial folds or laugh lines, my dreadful eye bags and lifted the jawline. The treatment was followed by a stem cells mask to lock in all the moisture, brighten and heal the skin. When I finally looked back into the mirror, I was in tears. I found myself again with all the vitality I had lost for a long time. It was surreal to see what I had lost gained back so quickly.

6d platinum laser lift

However, everything takes time and skin too needs to gradually build its quality and make it last. After the first session, I was already looking fresh and feeling energized. It was easy to wake up early and walk out the door with confidence. I was still advised to come back and continue several more sessions to maintain good results by helping my skin create more collagen and elastin. I visit the clinic every two months for one full session and hope to maintain the health and continue to improve my skin.