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Botox Prices London
Botox Prices

The use of injectables, has now become a regular part of many men and women’s beauty regime. Botox, a virtually pain free way of treating lines, wrinkles, and sagging of the skin have become extremely popular, due to its fantastic, instant results. Botox can also...

Introducing 360 Sculpt from Dr Gabriela

Introducing 360Sculpt from Dr Gabriela 360˚Sculpt is one of the most advanced treatments of its type in the fight against cellulite and fat. It streamlines your body without surgery and the results are visible after just one session. '360Sculpt is the only laser lipo treatment on the market that brings...

MyFaceMyBody Awards – we are finalists in 4 categories!!!!

Please vote for us! Best Anti-Ageing Treatment - BeautyLift with PDO Threads Best Skin Tightening Treatment - BeautyLift With PDO Threads Best Cosmeceutical Range - Magic Beauty Face Lift Serum and Advanced Molecular Mask Most Innovative Product - Magic Beauty Face Lift Serum and Advanced Molecular...

MoonlightDust gets a glowing review from The Cosmedic Coach

An award winning beauty blogger, author, Sky TV presenter and founder of the #safetyinbeauty campaign, Antonia Mariconda the Cosmedic Coach, is an authority on all things beauty, so we were thrilled when she popped into the Aesthetics Lab to try Dr Gabriela's new radiance-boosting facial MoonlightDust. So what's so special about MoonlightDust? MoonlightDust is the first and only...

How to get a younger neck without surgery

'When we think of ageing skin we usually think of wrinkles but surprisingly the number one skin concern for women over 50 is sagging and loss of definition to the face and neck caused by drooping skin,' says Dr Gabriela. 'Like our hands, our neck is...

How to get rid of wrinkled knees

Do you have wrinkled knees or sagging knees? Well take comfort from the fact you're not alone! Past the age of 40 most people find their knees start to droop. There are several reasons for this: The collagen beneath our skin that gives it a firm...

6 summer skin tips from Dr Gabriela

Beat the heat and keep your skin looking its best with my essential summer skin tips Keep a face mist in your fridge And spritz it on when you’re starting to wilt. Even better invest in a mist that contains skin-rejuvenating ingredients. MoonlightDust Magic Rain contains...

Kierston Wareing loves our MoonlightDust Facial!

“My skin is very hydrated and glowing after MoonlightDust Treatment. To look good to feel good with @DrMercik” Kierston Wareing  former EastEnders actress Kierston never fails to look radiant on the red carpet, and along with her diligent skincare route and good genes, her healthy glow can...

Daniella Westbrook is a fan of BeautyLift – the gentle face lift

Actress Daniella Westbrook recently popped into the clinic for BeautyLift Face with Dr Gabriela. Known as the 'gentle face lift' by beauty insiders, BeautyLift Face uses the most advanced PDO threads to lift and re-contour the skin without surgery. Daniella was delighted with the treatment, here's...

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