About Dr. Gabriela Clinic

Doctor, Trainer, Innovator

Introducing Dr. Gabriela Mercik

Welcome to my exclusive aesthetic clinic and luxury skin care lines created with passion for medicine & people.

I am proud to present to you my unique brand and my own time-tested products, designed and developed to meet the highest expectations of my patients. My life mission, as an experienced and qualified medical doctor, is to continually be the leader & innovator in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. I am a pioneer and an international trainer for the PDO Threads, using revolutionary techniques to achieve the best possible results. My priority and focus has always been to fulfil my patients’ dreams during their life journey and to boost their confidence & happiness.

About Dr Gabriela Mercik and Team

Dr. G. Mercik’s career began nearly 20 years ago, in cardiology and internal medicine. She worked at the hospital for the transplantation of hearts and lungs for 10 years and rose swiftly to become one of Poland’s leading cardiologists. Her career then took her to Northern Ireland, where she worked in cardiology and palliative care. During her time in Northern Ireland Dr. G. Mercik became interested in aesthetic medicine and the hugely positive effect it can have on a person’s self-esteem. She began sourcing new and exciting treatments for the UK market – including PDO Threads, Nanopeptide Mesotherapy and molecular water skincare – developing bespoke protocols and training doctors and nurses in their application.


In 2012, Dr. G. Mercik has founded her own high-class clinic in London, situated at the prestigious 56 Harley Street, and in the same time continued to grow her clinic in Omagh, Northern Ireland, founded already in 2007. Dr. Gabriela Mercik’s experience as a master injector has allowed her to train successfully many Doctors and Nurses worldwide in PDO Beauty Lift Threads and Dermal Fillers.

Since joining the world of anti-ageing medicine she has been a much sought after international speaker. Among many important conferences, in November 2017 Dr. Gabriela Mercik has participated as speaker at ICAD in Bangkok to lecture about the hair loss treatments with molecular water and nanopeptides.


To complete her professional journey, Dr. G. Mercik has created the unique aesthetic/cosmetic brand – DR GABRIELA. Based on molecular water, the products achieve the best possible natural looking and long lasting results. She is constantly researching and extending her skincare brand and has commenced another exciting concept – MoonlightDust 3 Colours Facial – a cosmetic treatment designed to promote flawless skin. Dr. G. Mercik has also introduced 6D Non-Invasive Laser Lift to complete the vast list of procedures and treatments available at her exclusive clinic.

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