Laser Lip Plumping

Plump lips without knife, needles or injections

Don’t we all want full, kissable lips? Over time, your genetics, lifestyle and ageing can spell thinning lips and make you look older. Plumper lips have always been desirable as a reflection of the fullness of youth. Our new laser lip enhancement uses laser technology to plump, hydrate and smooth out the lips to achieve a natural fullness and a fresh, youthful look. The power of laser boosts natural collagen production, tightens, volumizes and reduces wrinkles.


Laser lip plumping is a new and innovative technology that is revolutionising non-invasive methods in aesthetic medicine. You can benefit from this treatment without pain or downtime. Call us today to book your appointment for this new treatment.


Plump and smooth lips

Natural looking fuller lips

Reshape your lips

Smooth wrinkles

Renew old, pigmented skin

Stimulate collagen

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