LED Light Therapy

7 colors LED LIGHT THERAPY helps with a number of conditions

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that has numerous anti-ageing and skin-improving benefits. We can target a number of conditions with different colours of LED Light.


Red LED Light stimulates collagen  production and is best for lines and reducing pore size.


Blue LED Light has a calming action  which  is very  effective  for hypersensitivity.


Green LED Light balances color pigment, reduces  fine lines,  improves ageing skin,  speeds up  the  healing process  of  the wounds and  lightens scar.


Yellow Light improves energy, promotes  lymphatic drainage,  improves  rough skin,  wrinkles,  treatment of  skin  redness, fever,  moss,  etc and enhances  immunity.


Purple Light is a combination of red and blue light which  combines  two phototherapy  effects. It is great for repairing  acne  and acne  prints.


Clear Blue Light can gradually increase  cell energy  to  facilitate good  metabolism.


Laser Light (White) deeply penetrates  the skin,  accelerates  active tissue  metabolism,  decompositions  colour spots,  improves  the appearance  of  fine lines  and  sagging skin.