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Aesthetic System:
Advanced Molecular Mask

A potent combination of molecular water, hyaluronic acid and botanical growth factors intensely moisturise the skin, restore radiance and promote a youthful texture.

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Magic Beauty Facelift Serum

Created by Dr Gabriela to stimulate healing after aesthetic treatments, Magic Beauty Facelift Serum’s incredible moisturising and rejuvenating benefits proved to be so popular with her clients.

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Cosmetic System:
Advanced Molecular Mask

A potent combination of stem cells and botanical growth factors intensely moisturise the skin, restore radiance and promote a youthful texture. Apply three times a week.

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Aesthetic System:
Magic Beauty Facelift Serum

Infused with molecular water this daily serum restores hydration and creates the optimum conditions for cell renewal and collagen production. A second layer of hyaluronic …

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Moonlight Dust Molecular Toner

Moonlight Dust Skin Toner

Soft vitamin tonic for every kind of skin, which requires immediate and intensive moisturizing, nutrition and protection from harmful influence of the environment.

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Molecular Cleanser

Moonlight Dust Cleanser

Gentle formula was designed for every daymake-up removal, perfect for cleaning delicate skin in the eye area, without breaching protective lipid layer of skin.

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Moonlight Dust Molecular Booster Mask

A first of its kind, our revolutionary silk sheet protein face mask rejuvenates at a cellular level by infusing the skin with powerful anti-ageing actives.

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Magic Rain

Magic Rain Molecular HydraMist

Delivers molecular water to the heart of the skin where it stimulates rejuvenation and promotes maximum ef cacy of the anti-ageing actives in the treatment protocol.

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Molecular Serum

Moonlight Dust Molecular Serum

Contains molecular water and hyaluronic acid. Cools and calms. Soothes irritation. Rehydrates, lifts and revitalises.

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Moonlight Dust Cream

Moonlight Dust Booster Cream

Rich in molecular water, botanical extracts and antioxidants it delivers hydration at a cellular level and supports and strengthens the skin barrier.

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Hydration & Rejuvenation Hand Cream

Stop your hands giving away your age with Hydration & Rejuvenation, the only hand cream that utilises molecular water to deliver below and above the surface hydration.

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Hydration & Rejuvenation Leg Cream

The result: heels softer, relaxed skin & younger looking legs. Instantly enhances legs and helps combat skin imperfections, skin discolourations and scars. Moisturises dry and rough skin.

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Hydration & Rejuvenation Foot Cream

Banishes calluses and break the cycle of hard, cracked skin for good with Hydration + Rejuvenation, the only foot cream that utilises molecular water to deliver below and …

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Dr Gabriela Lip Balm:
Shea Butter SPF 25

Providing protection for Lips. Contains Shea butter. Stimulates healthy renewal of skin on dry and cracked lips. Dr. Gabriela Lip Balm aids in the prevention of wrinkling.

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Dr Gabriela Molecular Make Up

For best results – apply with drop of Magic Beauty Face Lift serum. With growth factors for skin rejuvenation.

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