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Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Tightening London

Nanopeptide Skin Rejuvenation Skin Tightening London Programme

Nanopeptide technology offers a non surgical approach to skin rejuvenation

Nanopeptide technology offers a non surgical approach to skin rejuvenation by superficially injecting small amounts of solu- tion into the dermis.

In addition to skin rejuvenation the nan- opeptide technology is also available to stimulate hair growth, reduce fat and cellulite and to remove brown age spots form the skin. Nanopeptide Mesotherapy differs from traditional mesotherapy as it contains peptides.

Nanopeptide Skin Rejuvenation Effects

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Smoothing Wrinkles
  • Narrowing Pores
  • Skin Lightening
  • Increasing Volume
  • Lifting Skin
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How It Works

Peptides represent short chains of amino acids that occur natu- rally in human, plant and animal organisms. Their rejuvenation works by stimulating the skin cells to synthesize collagen and elastin. With age, the number of natural peptides decrease and their synthesis slows down. As a result wrinkles, and furrows, pigmented lesions appear on the skin and it loses flexibility and moisture. The use of peptides in mesotherapy gives results that imitate the biological conditions found in young healthy skin. This revolutionary new mesotherapy can reverse the ag- ing process by around 20 years.

What It Does

Mesotherapy Skin Rejuvenation is used to rejuvenate skin and has anti wrinkle and anti aging effects. It works to improve aged skin, acne scarring and enlarged pores. It reduces and prevents fine lines and wrinkles by generating new skin cells. The treatment works by increasing skin elasticity by regulat- ing collagen, elastin and other ECM’s (Extra Cellular Matrix).

“I would recommend anyone who is considering Biomimetic Nanopeptide Rejuvenation to get it done.It has made a big difference to me.”

Roz, April 2012

Prevents fine wrinkles

Increases skin elasticity

Improves aged skin

Removes acne scarring

Removes enlarged pores

Revitalizes & hydrates dry & dull skin

Tightens the skin

Very Short Recovery Time

Long Lasting Effects

Stimulates Cell Production

Hydration & Rejuvenation

Better Blood Circulation