Snoring Treatment

The very first in London to offer STOP SNORING treatment!

Being the leaders and innovators in the cosmetic industry (sector) for many years now, my clinic is again the very first in London to offer STOP SNORING treatment!
Listening carefully to your problems, I’ve decided to help all of you suffering from heavy snoring, and to give a great relief not only to you, but also to your partners!

How does this work? The NightLase snoring and apnea treatment is a non-invasive, safe and patient-friendly treatment which effectively lessens the effects of snoring and sleep apnea through the use of gentle, superficial laser light. NightLase® requires no device to be worn during sleep, involves no chemical treatment, and no anesthesia.

The laser light heats the tissue during the treatment, causing tightening of the tissue which leads to an attenuation of the sound of the patients snoring and a lessening of the effects of sleep apnea, without damage or adverse effect. It is gentle enough to be used on the sensitive tissue inside the mouth, but in the same time strong enough to provide clinically efficacious heating.



The procedure is performed in two simple steps:

Step 1: PRECONDITIONING – The laser light preheats the tissue.
Step 2: TISSUE STRENGTHENING – Laser light strengthens the tissue.

After the treatment, you will get your beauty sleep back, fully rested night and so needed quality sleep which will finally allow you to enjoy your day at full speed!
I am happy to welcome everyone interested in this easy treatment and to personally provide all information needed, during a free consultation at our clinic.

I encourage all of you to get in touch and to get rid of this life complication forever!


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