Vascular Lesions Removal

Remove Vascular Lesions without surgery

Our Fotona laser safely removes many types of vascular lesions, including spider veins, venous lakes and angiomas, hemangiomas, and vascular malformations such as port-wine, treating both face and body suitable for both male and female patients.


How does it work? The heat from our cutting-edge laser penetrates below the surface of the skin to target the vascular lesions. The energy from the laser is absorbed by the blood in the vein, which is converted into heat, and the vein walls are destroyed. To avoid harming the skin, short bursts of energy are administered. You can walk out of our clinic without any discomfort or downtime.


The number of sessions and results will always vary with each person and their condition. The best way to determine this is with a consultation with Dr Gabriela.


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Remove unwanted vascular lesions

Make veins less visible

Remove other skin imperfections

Improve overall skin condition

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