10 minutes with Dr Gabriela: learning about the 6D Laser Lift

10 Minutes With Dr Gabriela Learning About The 6d Laser Lift

Laser skin resurfacing is a proven way to help reduce wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and other blemishes as well as tighten skin and balance tone. But precisely because lasers can do so much, and vary widely in how they act on your skin, it is hard to know where to start when researching treatment—even the most quickest 5 minute search on Google reveals a slew of competing lasers and methods.

We want you to be informed, not overwhelmed!

Before  you go too far down the Google rabbit hole, we suggest taking a step back from all the hype and reading the following key things to know about laser skin resurfacing.

We sat down with Dr Gabriela to allow our readers to learn about the jewel in her aesthetic crown:  the 6D Laser Platinum Lift

So what is it?

Dr Gabriela:  “The 6D Laser Lift is a non-invasive treatment that uses light energy to gently stimulate natural collagen growth, improve pores, remove irregular pigmentation and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Laser stimulates collagen production in our skin, and as new collagen is generated, lines and wrinkles are decreased. Additionally, as the laser light penetrates age spots and other pigmentation, these areas are broken apart and absorbed into the skin.

In other words, it lifts, tightens and renews the skin in one step.”

Who is it for?

Dr Gabriela: “Although it can be tempting to start topping up your collagen as soon as possible, I generally prefer to see patients with ‘mature’ skin. That is to say, anyone over the age of 21 is suitable for laser skin rejuvenation treatments. There is no upper ceiling! I have had patients from 21 to 90, all with their own unique skin concerns but the same beautiful results in the end.”

What exactly can be treated with laser? 

Dr Gabriela: “A better question would be to ask what cannot be treated with laser! You can lift the cheeks, plump the lips, refine the jawline, slim the nose, tighten the neck, remove pigmentation or age spot, and generally rejuvenate the whole face. That is a mouthful to say every time but it works!”

When or how often can you do the treatment? 

Dr Gabriela: “Again, this can be tempting too! Many of my patients are on the phone to have a second treatment within weeks or sometimes even days after their first treatment. I always recommend leaving 2 months between treatments, and up to 4 sessions a year. This is the sweet spot for maximising your results from the treatments while still getting regular expert attention at the doctor’s clinic.”

Are there any downsides?

Dr Gabriela: “Very few, that is why I am so proud of this treatment. Traditional facelifts and even many nonsurgical resurfacing treatments leave patients in agony. They have to take time off work and take long courses of antibiotics. They often have unsightly bruises, scars or burns. And they pay prohibitive prices for this too!

With the 6D Laser Lift, the main downside is that the skin can be dehydrated from the heat of the laser. This is a very manageable side-effect,  as we make sure to follow up with an ultra-hydrating cooling mask and we always provide patients with a hydrating skincare products to take home.”

How long does it take? 

Dr Gabriela: “It can vary. It depends on how many areas you want to tackle. If you are just concerned about 1 area, it can be as brief as 20 minutes. If you want to improve many areas, it can be up to 2 hours.”

How much does it cost?

Dr Gabriela: “Our prices start at £1, 250. It’s a highly bespoke and customisable treatment so the price varies from patient to patient. No one will ever have a treatment identical to another – that is what I love about it.

Our patients are our co-designers;  their input, combined with our expertise, paves every step of the way.”