4 Clever Ways To Boost Your Collagen Now

4 Clever Ways To Boost Your Collagen Now

Collagen is that precious stuff that makes up approximately one-third of our body’s protein. It is responsible for boosting the elasticity in our skin, which is what keeps us looking supple and plump. Not only does collagen keep our skin looking healthy, it also offers incredible joint and gut-health benefits too. Unfortunately, collagen production declines as we age, which is why we start to develop fine-lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

It’s safe to say that we want to preserve our natural collagen production at all costs, and also boost it as best we can, because let’s be real, who doesn’t want to give their skin a hand in stopping sagging skin? But the question is how to boost collagen production without wasting your time (and money) on products and clinical procedures that just don’t work.

Regular Sessions of 6D Laser 

This is the gold standard procedure to boost your skin’s natural levels of collagen, in a safe and effective way. After just one treatment, the body kickstarts its production of the Good Stuff and there is an immediate glow to the skin. But the benefits don’t just stop there! Unlike many treatments, the 6D Laser does not stop working after you have left the aesthetician’s office. Over the coming 2-3 weeks,  the skin’s elasticity and levels of collagen continue to improve, resulting in beautifully soft and supple skin. It’s recommend to have up to 4 sessions in a year for maximum glow!

Facial Massage

Facial massage is one of the best known tricks to helping our body’s natural production of collagen. Stimulating our facial muscles through facial massage will help to oxygenise our skin, increasing the blood flow to our face. Blood flow is essential for the collagen production process, so the more you focus on facial massage the more collagen your facial skin is going to produce!

Collagen Boosting Foods

Research has found that some foods that are high in antioxidants can really help boost collagen production. Get these foods into your diet regularly to start surging your body with extra collagen, or prevent your body from collagen breakdown!

  • Fish – high in omega-3 fatty acids, fish will help ease inflammation in your body. Since inflammation can promote collagen breakdown, fish is the perfect way to counteract this.
  • Bone broth – While most food contain antioxidants to help produce collagen, bone broth actually contains a form of collagen that our bodies can use straight away. This is highly recommended for collagen production from experts.
  • Berries – They’re high in vitamin C, which is known to bring certain amino acids together, which essentially creates collagen formation.

Collagen Supplements

Collagen or collagen promoting vitamins or ingredients can also be ingested via supplement form. Supplements containing omega-3, vitamin C, or just plain collagen supplements in tablet or powder form will help the production of collagen in your body, even if you aren’t getting the correct source of proteins through your diet.

Red Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a form of phototherapy, used to increase blood flow, which as we know is key to stimulating collagen production. Frequent and consistent use of Red Light Therapy is a great way to boost your skin’s natural collagen production.