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Botox Prices London

The use of injectables, has now become a regular part of many men and women’s beauty regime. Botox, a virtually pain free way of treating lines, wrinkles, and sagging of the skin have become extremely popular, due to its fantastic, instant results. Botox can also be used to treat medical conditions such as excessive sweating, known as Hyperhydrosis, bladder incontinence and teeth grinding.auth

There was a time when Botox treatments were only available for the wealthy. However, these days, Botox is available to anyone who wants to look their best. This is because of Botox becoming more widely available, which in turn, has made it more affordable. However, with more and more clinics offering cut price Botox, what do we need to look out for to make sure we are getting a quality treatment by a trained medical professional?

  • Beware of beauty salons offering cheap Botox treatments. These are likely to be performed by, at very best, a very inexperienced doctor or nurse, or even a beauty therapist, which is illegal and dangerous.
  • Many clinics and salons buy Botox in a “freeze dried” form, doctors then have to reconstruct it by adding saline to it. To make the Botox go further, clinics and salons add more saline than needed to the Botox, in order to make it go further, this in turn makes the treatment very weak, so it only lasts a few weeks or have almost no results at all.
  • Places offering very low prices, as low as £99 advertise to try and lure in patients. This is often a one off price, which will come with many other clauses, the price after the initial treatment will then jump right up to a much higher price, forcing you to have to find another clinic.

It is very important that your Botox treatment is done by a highly trained medical professional, in a clinical environment. A very popular place to go for Aesthetic treatments is Harley Street in London. Harley Street is famous for its excellent medical clinics, and highly trained medical professionals. This will guarantee good results, and minimise risk of complications. Original Botox works from 4-6 months. It will give a great result in reducing lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, and also protecting the movement of muscles. Botox, however will not improve your skins condition. For this reason, it is vital for the best possible results, that you incorporate a good skin care routine. While having your Botox treatments, it is important to ask your doctor about the correct products to use to maximise your results, and also give you healthy, younger looking skin, long term. So what do we need to look out for when researching where to get Botox?

  • Make sure it is a clinical environment.
  • The treatment must be done by a highly experienced medical professional. The medical professional must have also completed all the necessary courses enabling them to preform Botox treatments.
  • The product used must be original Botox.
  • A full consultation must be had, as well with reviews, aftercare and top ups offered.

With summer fast approaching, and people wanting to look their best, we need to make sure we are protecting our skin and lips from dangerous UVA + UVB rays, a broad spectrum SPF should be worn on your skin, and also a lip balm with SPF should also be worn on your lips.

Botox prices for 3 areas £300 – £500

Botox pain rating 2/10