Bridal preparations fit for a Princess

Inspired by the magical wedding of HRH Princess Eugenie and Mr Jack Brooksbank, we’ve asked Dr Gabriela Mercik to help us create The Ultimate Bridal Countdown. From lashes to toes, your smile to your sleep count, we have done the research so that when your big day comes, you too will feel and look a princess.We’d all love to spend our pre-wedding days getting prepped and pampered but, with the long list of wedmin tasks, putting together a pre-wedding beauty to-do list and working out when to book everything can be a tricky task.  So while  we think you could probably walk down the aisle just as you are (and your fiancé would agree with us too), one of the perks of being a bride-to-be is taking the time to look after yourself and treating yourself to looking and feeling your best on your big day!

12 months to go

Chances are, at this stage you’re newly engaged and you’ve got that “I am in love!” glow about you already. And while there’s plenty of wedding planning tasks on your mind already – from the wedding date and venue to save the dates and invites – there are a few you might want to start thinking about (beauty-wise) in the lead-up to your wedding: the most important thing is skincare!When it comes to bridal beauty, the early bird definitely gets the glow. Many brides begin their wedding preparations as little as 6 months before – and while that leaves plenty of time to perfect your hair and makeup – taming your skin is much more difficult.  Skin concerns such as stress, acne and loss of volume sadly cannot be turned around in a matter of weeks.So at the 12 month mark, Dr Gabriela recommends starting regular  6D Laser facials to supercharge your skin’s collagen production, brighten the complexion and plump out any pesky fine lines. One session every 6-8 weeks until the Big Day  will leave your skin soft and glowing. Consistency is key!

6 months to go

The 6 month mark is when most brides really amp up their wedding preparations. If you’ve never paid much attention to your skincare, now is the time to get serious about the finer details.Dr Gabriela recommends regular sessions of mesotherapy to flood the skin with all-important nutrients, and an eyebrow lift for that doe-eyed, freshfaced look in your wedding photos.  As separate treatments, they are great on their own but, when combined together, the results are nothing short of spectacular. 

3 month mark

The countdown is now well and truly on! 9 months into your bridal beauty adventure and the fruits of your labour are showing: beautiful, healthy and well-rested skin.At this crucial stage, it’s important not to slack and begin incorporating regular Laser Lip Plumping sessions, helping you to achieve fuller, plumper lips for your all-important  You-May-Now-Kiss-The-Bride moment.  And if fillers and Botox are a part of your  bridal preparations too, the 3 month mark is the perfect time for injectables.

2 weeks to go

How time flies! Your big day is just around the corner and, at this point, nerves will be surely be kicking in. After almost 12 months of diligent preparations, you have done all the work and now there are only the finishing touches left.  At this point, Dr Gabriela advises no needles, injectables or anything more stressful than a massage! Our motto for this stage is ‘pamper and indulge’.

And for our hardworking brides, few things are more indulgent than a sumptuous Moonlight facial followed by Dr Gabriela’s cult classic Magic FaceLift serum. Apply twice daily for a fortnight and to really boost your skin’s hydration levels, spritz a little Magic Rain several times a day.The result? A jaw-dropping transformation and the healthiest skin of your life. Now go walk down that aisle!

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