Daniella Westbrook is a fan of BeautyLift – the gentle face lift

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Actress Daniella Westbrook recently popped into the clinic for BeautyLift Face with Dr Gabriela. Known as the ‘gentle face lift’ by beauty insiders, BeautyLift Face uses the most advanced PDO threads to lift and re-contour the skin without surgery.

Daniella was delighted with the treatment, here’s why…

NO CHEMICALS BeautyLift is a natural treatment that builds collagen in your skin
1 HOUR TREATMENT No pain, minimal downtime
NATURAL RESULTS Mesh-like action of the threads delivers gentle, natural support
LONG-LASTING RESULTS For up to 36 months
LIFTS AND TONES THE BODY TOO The only thread lift technique that tightens body skin
To find out more about BeautyLift Face click HERE