How to get a younger neck without surgery

‘When we think of ageing skin we usually think of wrinkles but surprisingly the number one skin concern for women over 50 is sagging and loss of definition to the face and neck caused by drooping skin,’ says Dr Gabriela.

‘Like our hands, our neck is a giveaway of our true age. With fewer oil glands and thinner skin than the rest of our body, it usually gets neglected in our skincare regimes and is rarely protected with sunscreen. Throw in our habit of looking down at a smart phone or table screens multiple times a day and you have a recipe for double chins, wattles and jowls!’

But whereas once a full surgical face and neck lift was the only route to a younger neck these days there are several non surgical options that deliver an instant lift with results that last for months or even years.

So here’s our guide to the best anti-ageing neck treatments that don’t involve surgery
First off – BeautyLift with PDO Threads. This award winning treatment pioneered by Dr Gabriela, involves a number of threads (made from the same material as those used to heal wounds in surgery) inserted into the skin with a fine needle. ‘The threads are interlaced and create a mesh-like support,’ says Dr Gabriela. As well as delivering an instant lift they prompt the skin to produce collagen which forms around the threads to continue the lift and support long after the threads have dissolved. Unlike threads that have barbs or cones, PDO threads are smooth so are ideal for treating thinner more delicate areas of skin like the neck. The procedure only takes 1 hour and the downtime nothing more than a small amount of residual bruising which lasts for up to 5 days. In most patient’s books that’s a small price to pay for up to 3 years lift!’ says Dr Gabriela. BeautyLift is ideal for patients in their 40s-60s with mild sagging.

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‘We sometimes combine BeautyLift with wrinkle relaxing injections to soften the platysymal bands (those muscles that appear either side of the neck causing a wattle of turkey neck skin to form between) and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to reduce horizontal lines on the neck sometimes called necklace bands,’ continues Dr Gabriela.

‘A dedicated skincare regime is your best defence against sagging and loss of elasticity’

With fewer sweat and oil glands than the rest of the body what our fragile necks need most is hydration.

‘A dedicated skincare regime is your best defence against sagging and loss of elasticity,’ says Dr Gabriela. ‘It’s tempting to reach for heavy creams or oils but these can irritate the skin, cause spots and actually make a neck look older. Instead choose light textured, quickly absorbed products that promote deep hydration leading to cell renewal and collagen production.

MoonlightDust from Dr Gabriela is the first and only skincare range to contain molecular water – a game-changer in the way we treat ageing skin.

How molecular water rejuvenates the skin
‘Molecular water is made from water molecules so small they can penetrate the skin cell membrane. Once inside the cell molecular water stimulates blood flow. Within the blood are growth factors, communicating cells that promote cell turnover and the production of collagen and elastin – the building blocks of youthful skin. As we age the number of growth factors in our body decreases. The consequence is fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and loss of elasticity. By stimulating blood flow with molecular water growth factors are drawn to the treated area – what that means for you is intense rejuvenation and smoother, plumper, brighter looking skin on your neck, decolletage and face.’

Last but not least
Don’t forget to apply a broad spectrum spf30 sunscreen every day – it provides critical defence against hyperpigmentation and wrinkles and gives the skin a chance to repair itself.

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