Kierston Wareing loves our MoonlightDust Facial!

“My skin is very hydrated and glowing after MoonlightDust Treatment. To look good to feel good with @DrMercik”

Kierston Wareing former EastEnders actress

Kierston never fails to look radiant on the red carpet, and along with her diligent skincare route and good genes, her healthy glow can be attributed regular MoonlightDust Facials with Dr Gabriela at the Aesthetics Lab.

MoonlightDust is the first and only facial that utilises molecular water, a ground breaking ingredient that delivers the brightening and wrinkle softening results of microdermabrasion or a chemical skin peel, without the burn or downtime!

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So Kierston is ready for her close-up whenever the camera calls!Keirston-Waring-Moonlight-dust

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