Last-minute wedding rescue

Last Minute Wedding Rescue

How to survive last-minute wedding breakouts and stress love handles

Down to the final day before your wedding, your stress levels can go through the roof. This means breakouts, bad skin reactions and imperfections that can make it hard for your bridal makeup to look flawless. Plus, when the makeup comes off when your husband takes you home, you want to still have the glow that every newlywed should have. You may have spent months prepping your skin for the big day but there is no guarantee towards the last week if your skin decides to act up.

What your skin needs at this crucial moment is a quick refresher. How do we do that when there is such little time? In one short, painless non-surgical procedure, our 6D Platinum Laser Lift addresses many areas and issues. It smooths over skin imperfections like acne, dark eye circles, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, thin lips and lines no cream has taken care of in the past months.This laser (not knife or needle!) goes beyond the skin surface to work inside-out and achieve incredible natural looking results in a single session. It rejuvenates and tightens the skin while stimulating collagen to keep your skin in optimal health for a longer period of time. If you are someone with a tendency to “stress-eat” and ended up with a few extra love handles, our laser removes them too so you can still get into your dress.

What makes it absolutely worth undergoing this treatment is its ZERO DOWNTIME – this means you can head back to your wedding rehearsal dinner without any sign of bruising or pain – just a few pounds lighter and more radiant.

This all-in-one treatment is always followed by an intensely hydrating molecular mask that locks in moisture for 72 hours. If you’ve planned your honeymoon straight after the wedding, you’ll wake up next to your husband looking utterly refreshing and kissable.

Book in your appointment with us ahead of time to make sure your skin is top form just before you walk down the aisle. We will be happy to have helped you make your day just a little bit more perfect.

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