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We are incredibly proud to share that Dr. Gabriela Clinic is now a part of the newly launched 7D News in London! We are taking over the Health & Beauty section where you can read our articles about the latest treatments and important topics on health, beauty and wellness.

As we are all over-flooded and over-stimulated by mass media every day, we feel it is our duty to contribute our years of invaluable knowledge and experience in aesthetic medicine to keep you well-informed and give you insights that will help you make better lifestyle choices. Our content will be thoroughly researched and curated to provide high quality editorials that is in line with the standards of 7D News’ philosophy of providing ethical and accurate journalism.

The English-language platform that has hired a network of journalists worldwide to cater to an international audience took off yesterday. They aim to bridge the gaps between cultures and promote peace and diversity.

You can already read our first editorial piece here: Why is Aesthetic Medicine so important?