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Dr Gabriela Mercik is a pioneer in the world of anti-ageing medicine responsible for bringing some of the most ground-breaking products and treatments to the UK including the award-winning non-surgical treatments such as Moonlight Dust, Advanced Molecular Skincare, BeautyLift with PDO Threads and Nanopeptide Rejuvenation.
In addition to her role as doctor, innovator and international speaker, Dr Gabriela is one of a select group of master injectors and her delicate touch makes her a favorite with high profile clientele, including royalty and celebrities, who travel the globe to benefit from her skills and expertise.
Since 2010 Dr Gabriela works as a highly reputable Dr Gabriela Clinic at 56 Harley Street London where many VIP patients travel from far and wide to be treated specifically by Dr Gabriela. Dr Gabriela was the proprietor and Medical Director of the Dr Gabriela Clinic in Omagh, Northern Ireland and has also created a unique aesthetic and cosmetic Awards winning brand of skincare-
the DR GABRIELA EXCLUSIVE SKIN CARE brand based on molecular water and organic ingredients.
Dr Gabriela Clinic in Omagh was opened in 2010 with name HEBE clinic and the first in Northern Ireland to be nominated for the prestigious MyfaceMyBody Awards in 2012. Since the first nomination Dr Gabriela has been winning least one award every year.
Dr Gabriela Magic Beauty Serum and Advanced Molecular Stem Cells Mask with molecular water for skin hydration and rejuvenation was awarded for innovation.
PDO Threads, skin tightening, skin brightening, fat reduction and anti-hair loss are just a few from our list of award winning treatments!
Dr Gabriela says the reason she loves her job is changing people’s lives and making them happy so they have more confidence. She strongly believes It is not only about creating a beautiful look, but non invasive treatments are an art and can allow a person to reverse their age and to feel as young as they look. Special now with Laser 6D miracles happened.

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