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Originally, when I qualified, my speciality was Accident and Emergency medicine where I was at the forefront of acute trauma leading the medical team in the Accident and Emergency department at The Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast.

In the early 80’s I moved to London with my family, I continued to work in trauma for a short time.

 As I realised my interest was in helping women who had been traumatised by facial disfigurement I then specialised in non surgical facial rejuvenation, age management and issues relating to menopausal symptoms.

As a lecturer, trainer and expert in medical aesthetics and age management, I have  for the last 20 years had a pan-European educational portfolio.

I graduated from then Marion Gluck Academy in 2015 and now specialise in hormonal balancing therapy using BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

I provide women with solutions, treatments and support, to sleep well, feel well, be strong and healthy. To live their best selves whilst navigating the challenges of ageing and the physical and mental issues that arise during menopause.

I treat my patients with a combination of BioIdentical Hormone therapy and functional nutrition plans and courses. Each program is adapted for the specific individual needs of each patient.

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