“Forget about botox and fillers – we have a newer and much better approach to give you a healthy and refreshing look.”


Why is aesthetic medicine so important? It was created to fill the gap between plastic surgery and dermatology. Dermatology works on skin disease, whereas plastic surgery improves our appearance. Now we have aesthetic medicine to do the same without ever going under the knife. In the 21st century, we don’t need surgery for heart disease. And in my opinion, we don’t need surgery for beauty either. If you have medical problems like droopy eyelids that affect your vision, you can just book a consultation at our clinic and we will look after you just the same, if not better. Non-invasive procedures are the treatments of choice and why not? They are safe, quick and painless with minimal or no downtime at all. 

In the beginning, aesthetic medicine was all about botox and fillers, then chemical peels and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Soon it was followed by the development of PDO threads. Today we have cutting-edge laser technology such as our 6D Platinum Laser Lift™ and nano-technology for advanced skincare. They not only tighten and lift the skin, but further stimulate collagen and smooth over all our skin imperfections. Would you still want to go through surgery? Our state-of-the-art 3D camera is also an excellent tool to examine the face in three dimensions. It helps us accurately assess what the patients need and wish to improve. We treat every patient with great care and pay close attention to their unique features. The difference that we make is simply enhancing your uniqueness and correcting skin issues to reveal your own natural beauty. 

To maintain the results of our breakthrough procedures, our molecular skincare maximizes the benefits of these treatments and vice versa. These products deeply penetrate and intensely hydrate the skin. Best of all, they also encourage fresh new collagen – the absolute building blocks of great skin! 

When it comes to this talk of ‘anti-ageing’, this school of thought belongs to yesterday. Instead of trying to be young again, it should be about ageing in a healthy way. In all honesty, “ageing is cool”. But we need to find a holistic approach to it. To have a healthy body, we need a healthy soul. Research shows that when we look good, we feel good. Have you noticed most people who are successful in their jobs are generally more attractive? They are like magnets attracting the same energy because of their genuine love for life and for themselves. This simple but charismatic quality makes them great at sales and their overall performance in the workplace. And this is the quality that helps us “age cool” whilst taking great care of our health and skin.

It would be amazing to have one miracle pill to stop ageing. But we don’t. We have tried repairing our DNA, IV Drips and visually improving the appearance but that is only the tip of the iceberg. The binding factor lies in our genetic code. That is something we cannot change but fortunately, we can change our lifestyle to help the way we age. Most of the work comes from the choices we make with food, drinks and activities. Miracle skin is non-existent until we put the work in. 

Our wrinkles begin to appear when we are 40 but do we have the luxury to wait till then? Simply put, no. Our work begins at 20, when our collagen starts to go dwindle. Thankfully, we have many ways to stimulate its growth again by laser treatments and special supplements not from the market but the right ones for your skin. Everybody needs a renovation at some point – the Big Ben, your house, your and your skin. There is so much focus on being beautiful, but we don’t credit “being healthy” as the bible of beauty. Our message is genuine – we want you to look healthy and beautiful. There are skin problems that may get in the way of that, but this is where we come in.

So how do we help you bring out your natural beauty and go about “ageing cool”? This all depends on factors like your age starting anywhere from 20 to 65. Forget about botox and fillers – we have a newer and much better approach that gives you a healthy and refreshing look. No more fake lips or ballooning cheeks. We simply tighten, lift, correct asymmetry and improve your overall appearance. 

Did you know that our new 6D Laser Platinum Lift does all of above and more? Even Tatler magazine talked about it this year and duly described our approach as “subtle, natural and discreet”.

If you have stretch marks like 90% of the women during pregnancy, we can help you get rid of these easily as you focus on looking after your newborn. We call this treatment the Yummy Mummy. Stretch marks appear when the skin does not have enough elastin after rapidly gaining weight. For this too, we use laser treatment or nanopeptides to stimulate new collagen, increase blood flow and moisturize the skin. Every four weeks, your body begins to show its glowing new skin. The best time to treat stretch marks is when they are still fresh. Otherwise, it becomes increasingly difficult with time to build new collagen, so don’t wait a year or more to treat them!

As for those extra pounds that simply don’t go away with exercise or diet, let our Lipo Laser lead the way! During pregnancy, more calories than normal are delivered to the body and left unused which leads to an unbalanced diet and weight gain. Even after we get rid of the fat by laser, you need to continue to exercise to convert fat into muscle for long term maintenance. 

You may have heard of another method called coolsculpting but it only removes 20% of fat tissue which is not effective for small areas. Instead, we use lipo injections and lipo laser sculpting called ‘Fat Action’ to get rid of excess fat as well as tighten and lift to improve the skin condition. Once the volume is lost, we make sure there is no saggy skin which we all dread after a big weight loss. And depending on how much fat you want to lose, you may only need one or more sessions.

20 years ago, we had to have a bypass; we needed to open the chest and perform cardiac surgery. This has all changed. We now only need a single injection into the heart to open and close the vessels. In the same way, plastic surgery is also changing. This will take a lot more time but it is definitely going in the right direction. 


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