4 ways to perfect your pout: Lip threads, 6D laser, Russian lips, Cannula fillers


Plump lips are one of the most desirable beauty traits of our time as we celebrate female empowerment. Sensuality is no secret to modern women as we’re encouraged to embrace our sexuality. The lips allow us to express affection and intimacy so it’s no wonder why women want to enhance them. The Cupid’s bow is found in the centre of the upper lip where the tips of the bow meet the philtral columns creating a defined bow shape, believed to replicate the bow of Cupid, God of love. Dr Gabriela can define your Cupid’s bow and deliver juicy lips to go with your glow.

Cannula fillers

This lip argumentation is a safe alternative to traditional dermal fillers so you can volumise with no drama necessary. Dermal fillers pierce the skin using sharp needles to reach the tissue where the filler is injected, whereas cannulas have a round blunt tip. A tiny needle is used to make a small incision into the surface of the skin, but after that the round tip takes over and gently works its way to the tissue without harm. Needles will puncture anything in their way such as veins and blood vessels. A cannula allows us to feel any resistance and find a safer route to the tissue for minimal bruising and swelling. They’re also longer so we can fill several areas from only one entry point causing less trauma to the skin, need we say more? Enjoy long-lasting results for 6-8 months.

6D laser enhancement

Want to have luscious lips but have a fear of needles? This one’s for you. They say no pain, no gain, but no one has to suffer in the name of beauty with our laser lip enhancement. Advanced laser technology is used to stimulate collagen production to give your lips an overall fuller look. The gentle heat pulses can specifically target the cells responsible in the mucosa of the lips. The non-invasive treatment will give you a natural dreamy pout with no downtime. To achieve maximum results, we recommend the treatment once a month for 3 months, followed by once every 3 months to maintain kissable lips.

Lip threads

Move over lip liner and make room for (drum roll please): lip threading. The new and improved semi-permeant lip liner with bonus volume. Threads are inserted through a small incision in the sides of the mouth to define the outer edge of the lips, particularly the Cupid’s bow. Our lips are made from super thin skin so as we age, they’re one of the most vulnerable features to show the first signs of ageing such as thinning and uneven lips. The PDO structures will immediately lift and perk up your pout to perfect your imperfections. The multitasking miracle will keep working behind the scenes as they stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for a youthful look long after the threads have dissolved over 6-8 months.

Russian lips

This technique is used to achieve the subtle heart-shaped lips naturally found on beautiful Russian women, if the name didn’t give it away already. Unlike ordinary fillers, Russian lips are achieved by injecting vertically into each lip from the base working from the inside out to enhance and define your lips. We recommend this procedure to first-time fillers as it prioritises height rather than volume for soft youthful natural lips for 6-8 months.


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