SKINuary – Is your ‘New Year, New Me” plan neglecting this major organ?


It can’t have escaped your attention that with every new year comes the huge slew of social media posts, blogs and magazine articles surrounding a ‘New Year, New Lifestyle’, and while most people are choosing to protect their liver (dry January), heart (healthier diet), or mind (stress relief), one major organ is going largely ignored, at perhaps one of the most damaging times it faces. 

With our skin being our largest organ (the average adult is thought to have around 3.6kg/2m2 of it), its aesthetic appearance is not the only thing we should be trying to protect. This largest of organs insulates us, keeps us from absorbing water, and guards us against sunlight, chemicals and extremes of temperature, as well as preventing some infections and generating vitamin D (which also helps our bones). It really is a true body hero, and we should be doing all we can not only to keep it looking good but feeling good also. 

Winter woes

If your skin isn’t feeling great this winter, then you’re not alone. Xerosis, which is the scientific term for dry skin, is far more common in winter. Dry, itchy, angry-looking skin affects many of us in the winter, and yet we cover it up with products that can do even more damage, or pull our long jumpers, skirts, tights or jeans over the top, giving skin less room to breathe, and us less time to notice or correct the damage that’s being done. And, it can take months for our skin to recover from this poor treatment. 

New Year, New, rejuvenated skin

So, what can we do to treat our skin with the respect it deserves, as one of the most important organs in our body? If we had a heart problem, we would be quick to seek treatment, as we would with any other organ, which is why Dr. Gabriela, a highly-experienced Harley Street skin guru, has developed treatment plans that serve to right these ‘winter wrongs’ and lead our skin into a brighter, suppler, happier new year. 

We all know that drinking plenty of water and observing a healthy diet can work well to prime our skin, but the treatment plans developed by Dr. Gabriela have been specifically designed to promote skin regeneration and rejuvenation. Not only that, but the treatments she recommends aren’t injectables, so the needle-phobic need not look away! Here, we take a look at just a few options on offer to give this major organ some much needed TLC this year. 

Laser therapies

You may think the use of lasers is limited to hair removal, but there are many applications within the skin that make using this type of treatment beneficial. Superficial laser peels can remove damaged cells, and stimulate the collagen within the body, leading to speedily rejuvenated skin. Not only does this have an anti-aging effect, as it reduces fine lines and tiny wrinkles, but it can also improve the condition of the skin. Better still, this treatment can be targeted at the most damaged areas and will not damage the healthy skin surrounding them. 

Another innovative application for laser therapy is on a part of the skin often subject to most damage by the winter weather – the lips. Laser lip plumping not only gives an anti-aging enhancement to the look of the lips, but also reduces wrinkles, and boosts natural collagen production without the need for injections – giving lip health benefits without invasive treatment.


LED and oxygen treatments

If laser therapy isn’t something you’re considering, then there are plenty of equally as high-tech alternative therapies on offer. One in particular uses Oxygen as part of the process to boost the vitality of this often-neglected organ. The 3D facial, using LED technology along with molecular water combined with oxygen therapy revives dull skin, can give a boost to cell turnover and gives a revitalised look and feel – again, all without a needle in sight. Now preferred by many an A-list star, oxygen therapy is becoming more popular due to the quick and effective results it brings, without requiring time ‘out of the spotlight’ for healing. 

It’s not all about the face

While the skin on our face is usually more noticeable, especially at this time of year, having bodily skin problems corrected now can ensure we’re ready to bare a little more once the warmer months are upon us. Full body treatments such as nanopeptides mesotherapy gives the skin tiny micro doses of enzymes, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, restoring more youthful skin. Essentially, this treatment stimulates our own bodies to restore the health of our skin, an approach which forms the cornerstone of many of Dr Gabriela’s innovative treatment programmes. 

Love your skin long-term

Of course, no matter how well these treatments work, looking after our skin should be something we attend to every day. After all, we watch what we eat and drink, so a well-thought out skincare routine should certainly be on our ‘to-do’ list; not only in winter but all year round. 

With this in mind, Dr. Gabriela has produced a range of award-winning products that treat skin daily, as well as targeting specific skin problems that plague many of us. Whether it is anti-aging mist, hydrating cream that works on a molecular level, or a vitamin booster, getting the right skincare regime is certainly the best gift we can give to our skin, either in conjunction with, or in addition to the other treatments mentioned above. 

With many new year’s resolutions becoming unfulfilled by February, why not make 2019 the year you make your skin a priority? The benefits could last you well into next year and beyond…





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