Valentine’s Glow Skincare


Reflect the glow of spring on Valentine’s day by making sure your face is intensely hydrated with a our miracle moisturiser that is packed with nourishing vitamins, molecular water and all the natural goodness that your skin deserves. 

Like TV personality Jess Wright and former Made in Chelsea star Camilla Mackintosh who have both had their skin taste the magic of our Moonlight Dust Hydrating Facial, we love our miracle moisturiser. It hydrates and rejuvenates your skin immediately giving you a young and vibrant look blending in with the freshness of spring. Your face will get a wrinkle-free and poreless finish with a youthful neck for up to 72 hours – long enough to last the entire Valentine’s Day and all the intimate sessions after.

The facial promotes cell renewal and collagen production using the intense moisturising properties of Nobel Prize-winning molecular water. Instead of opting for chemical peels and microdermabrasion that all have downtime, you can still get this facial not long before the big day.

As that Valentine’s date gets closer, you can also get full body-ready with our range of laser treatments. We can get rid of your love handles or firm your bust with a revolutionary TightSculpting™ treatment so you can breathe a sigh of relief as you get into your little red numbers and low cut pieces. For a smooth, clean face, we can safely and effectively remove all facial and body hair (legs, hollywood and brazilian) with the latest technology that penetrates deeper in the skin to target hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue. It is suitable for all hair types and brings great results.

We wish you nothing but love this Valentine’s Day!


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