Vascular Lesions can look and feel awful. Summer can be a nightmare when you have to always cover up these unsightly veins. But do you need surgery? There is a safer and quicker procedure with less or no pain and downtime at all.

How do you get vascular lesions?

When your arteries become narrowed or blocked, it causes poor blood flow to your arms and legs that causes them to appear and look like they are bulging on the surface. It can also be a side-effect of ageing. Such a condition can lower your confidence to walk or perform any physical activity freely.

How can we get rid of vascular lesions 


We use light energy from our latest laser technology to target them under the skin which is absorbed by the blood in the vein and turns into heat. This heat destroys the vein walls in a short burst of energy without harming the skin. Without any injection or knife and minimal discomfort, the procedure removes many types of vascular lesions like spider veins, venous lakes, angiomas and port-wine. 


Every condition is unique and we design bespoke treatments to address them in the best way possible. Some patients’ conditions need more than one session to take care of their skin imperfections. If you have any skin problems that are taking over your life, book your consultation with us so we can guide you through to your freedom to be happy in your own skin.

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