How to deal with dry skin when wearing facemasks


Wearing a facemask is now essential but giving up the radiant skin you worked so hard for doesn’t have to be. Face coverings can cause many problems for our complexion, particularly dryness due to the friction from rubbing against our skin. Even though masks hide the majority of our faces from others, having dry and inflamed skin underneath can still affect our self-esteem. Dr Gabriela is the master of moisture and her skincare line gives you everything you need to combat dryness. Following these simple tips will allow you to keep your confidence and beautiful skin.

It’s easier to prevent dry skin than to cure it

Applying an effective daily moisturiser can limit the amount of friction on the skin. We recommend prioritising a moisturiser with natural ingredients and soothing qualities to keep irritation at bay. Dr Gabriela’s Molecular Daily Cream enriched with botanical extracts and antioxidants for optimum hydration will strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Once applied, wait 5 minutes to let the ingredients do their thing before you put your mask on.

Switch up your skincare routine

Cleansing your skin to remove dirt, bacteria and other unwanted impurities has never been so important, but over-cleansing can do more harm than good. While cleansing before and after wearing a facemask may seem like the best thing to do, your skin may not agree with you. Cleansing more than once in the morning and evening can irritate your skin and lead to further dryness. Switching to an unscented and fragrance-free cleanser can do wonders for your skin that you’ll both thank us for. Dr Gabriela’s Molecular Cleanser for combination skin is targeted at all skin types so everyone can get that goddess glow. For maximum moisture pair it with Molecular Toner to experience the dynamic duo. Rubbing your face with a towel is a skincare sin so when you’re finished gently tap your face dry with a soft towel to avoid flaring.

Give your lips a little more love

While your lips may no longer capture the attention of others with your favourite signature lipstick, this doesn’t mean they should lose your attention too. We tend to breathe more through our mouths than our noses while wearing a facemask which can lead to seriously dry and inflamed lips that no shade of lipstick can save. Chapped lips are a thing of the past with Dr Gabriela’s Platinum Lift Lip Balm. Infused with shea butter to heal your lips while molecular water gets to work on hydrating them. It also contains SPF 25 to protect your pout in the moments you’re facemask free. 

Take a break

Wearing a mask all day can be hard on your skin. It’s encouraged to take short breaks from wearing a mask to give your skin a breath of fresh air and spray a moisture mist onto your face to give an instant hit of hydration. Dr Gabriela’s Molecular Hydramist Magic Rain is powered by tiny molecular particles to reach deep into the surface of the skin and target dehydrated cells. The soothing facial mist will immediately increase your skin’s hydration levels anywhere, anytime.

Hair loss is not only a man’s problem

On average we lose up to 100 hairs a day, but 1 in 3 women shed even more than this. While men suffer from balding women have a problem with thinning, but there’s less support available when it comes to women’s hair loss as it’s only considered a ‘man’s problem’. We’re about to change that. It’s hard to determine why we lose hair when so many factors can be to blame including stress, hormones and our diet. The good news is there’s something you can do about it thanks to Dr Gabriela’s hair loss treatments and luxurious hair products infused with gold particles to release your inner golden girl.

Hair fillers

Fillers are a speedy solution to bald spots, thin hair or the use of one too many hot tools (we’re all guilty of it). They stimulate hair rejuvenation and growth with powerful peptides which increase blood flow around hair follicles. The minimally invasive treatment is your one-way ticket to thicker, voluminous hair. For hair filler aftercare we advise regular use of Dr Gabriela’s Volume 4U hair products for the best results.

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy treatment is gentle on your skin and tough on hair loss. Microinjections small enough to reach the heart of the skin are packed with essential minerals and vitamins to create the optimal environment for hair growth. This pick-me-up procedure for your scalp can be customised to meet individual hair care needs. With no downtime, hair Mesotherapy is a lunchtime favourite.

Alopecia treatment with YAG laser

Dr Gabriela is ahead of the game and on an unstoppable mission to create new possibilities of androgenetic alopecia treatment with the YAG laser. Alopecia is a hair loss condition which develops when the immune system attacks the hair follicles. Currently, there’s no cure for alopecia but there are treatments available to speed up the hair growth cycle and prevent future hair loss. Dr Gabriela’s clients have seen a dramatic increase in new hairs and the volume of existing hair, so what are you waiting for? You’re only one treatment away from starting your own journey to healthier hair.

Volume 4U Golden Hydramist – £49

Spritz your scalp with golden goodness with Dr Gabriela’s Golden Hydramist. This must-have hair product contains gold molecules to reduce inflammation, cleanse and stimulate the areas surrounding hair follicles to minimise hair loss. To use, spray directly onto your scalp and gently massage all over once a day to dry hair. For only £49 your luscious locks will feel priceless.

Volume 4U Golden Shampoo – £59

What if we told you washing your hair doesn’t have to feel like a chore? Golden Shampoo by Dr Gabriela sparks joy in your regular hair routine as you indulge in gold molecular particles and argon oil. These ingredients team up as the ultimate combination for strengthening your hair and reducing hair loss. Massage this silky shampoo through your hair every day guaranteed to cause major hair envy.

Volume 4U Anti-Hair Loss Serum – £99

Hair loss serum is your secret weapon against hair reduction. It shouldn’t be underestimated because of its lightweight texture as it has the power to stimulate collagen, elastin and nutrition. Packed with lavish ingredients of gold and silk proteins this magical anti-hair loss serum contains the miracle you’ve been waiting for. Happy and healthy hair requires daily dedication, so we recommend massaging it into a damp scalp every day and watch the magic happen.


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