Why you should choose 6D Laser Eye Lift over blepharoplasty for younger-looking eyes


Move over eye surgery, there’s a non-invasive alternative in town. We’ve all thought about having eye surgery at least once in our lives as our tired eyes stare back at us in the mirror wondering where our youth went. But most of us don’t want the pain and downtime that comes with surgery (we don’t blame you).

We’re excited to introduce you to our 6D Laser Eye Lift that does everything blepharoplasty does, but the best part? It’s completely pain-free with absolutely no downtime and no scars!

What is 6D Laser Eye Lift?

6D Laser Eye Lift is a non-surgical treatment that gently heats and affects layers of skin responsible for production of collagen. Keeping your skin stimulated acts as a wake-up call to the skin’s cells to tighten existing collagen and produce new collagen. It also speeds up the skin’s rejuvenation process which makes the skin appear brighter and improves its texture and tone.

What are the benefits of 6D Laser Eye Lift?

Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

While concealer is our go-to for dark circles, brightening our under eyes with concealer only draws more attention to our fine lines and wrinkles. We have to pick between having our dark circles or fine lines and wrinkles on show, when we’d really rather have neither. But with the 6D Laser Eye Lift you’ll no longer have to choose (did someone say the best of both worlds?). An increase in collagen production will give more structure and volume to the skin, filling in fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth appearance.

Reduce eye bags

Eye bags aren’t entirely down to lack of sleep (but this definitely won’t help). You won’t always be able to sleep them off like a bad hangover. As we age, the tissues and muscles surrounding the eyes become weaker and begin to sag, forming a pouch. Fats and lymph will then gather in the area to fill the space, causing the under-eye area to look puffy or swollen. The 6D Laser Eye Lift will strengthen the skin by tightening collagen and stimulating new collagen which will improve its elasticity.

Brighten dark circles 

Bright under eyes can transform your look to a fresh-faced youthful complexion, but the ‘no makeup’ makeup look is pretty hard to achieve if you’ve got dark circles that won’t budge without adding layers of makeup. Until now that is. The heat from the 6D Laser Eye Lift will kickstart the skin’s rejuvenation process resulting in brand new cells and beautifully bright under eyes.

Post-treatment advice

Invest in a moisturising eye cream

The laser light can dry out your skin after your treatment, so it’s important to top up your moisture levels so your skin can continue to effectively produce collagen for the best results. Dr. Gabriela Molecular Eye Cream will intensely hydrate your skin and provide additional help to remove fine lines and wrinkles. The formula is lightweight with a silky texture rich in nourishing vitamins and water-loving ingredients.

Don’t skip SPF

SPF should be worn every day, but especially after using a laser on your skin as it’ll increase its sensitivity to sunlight for 2 weeks. Most sunscreens for the face can also be used for the eye area, but we recommend using formulas that contain zinc or titanium as they tend to be gentler on the skin. Start using SPF two days after your laser treatment.

Avoid retinol

The benefits of using retinol in your skincare routine are endless, so it’ll be tempting to continue to use it after your treatment. But we advise you to fight all urges for a couple of weeks and stay strong as retinol will also make the skin around your eyes even more vulnerable to sun damage and to laser light.

Pain: 0/10 no numbing cream required

Downtime: 0, slight redness around areas treated, should subside within 48h

Results: you’ll begin to see changes 4-6 weeks after the treatment, but full results will be visible after 3-4 months

How often: every 6-8 weeks until you reach desired results

Cost: ££


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