How to tighten your skin for a youthful complexion


We all know about anti-ageing tips and tricks like wearing SPF, staying hydrated and lathering on anti-ageing creams before we even begin to start ageing, but what about for when it’s too late?

We’re filled with regret for spending hours in the sun without sunscreen and counting cocktails towards our daily water intake. Or thinking we had enough products in our skincare routine so anti-ageing can wait until we need it, otherwise we’ll be seriously late to anywhere we go.

Dr. Gabriela Clinic offers fast and effective treatments to tighten even the most stubborn areas of the face for a vibrant, youthful appearance you’ll want to maintain.

Glotox Injectable Facelift

Upgrade your current Botox routine with Glotox – a ground-breaking combination of mesotherapy and Botox. Mesotherapy will rejuvenate the skin to restore a beautifully bright and plump complexion, whilst Botox gets to work on smoothing fine lines and wrinkles by freezing facial muscles – together they’re a double threat against the signs of ageing.

The Glotox formula we use is one of the most advanced available. It’s rich in active ingredients including hyaluronic acid to restore moisture and volume to fill out loose skin, 14 vitamins to stimulate cell renewal, 24 amino acids to promote collagen and elastin production and 2 antioxidants to protect cells against damage. What more could you want?

Pain: 4/10 

Downtime: 0, slight bleeding might occur during treatment and slight bruising on rare occasions

Results: you’ll begin to see results 3-4 days after the treatment but will continue to improve until 1-2 weeks

How often: 4-6 months

Cost: ££

PDO Thread Lift 

It’s time to cheat on your favourite anti-ageing cream that you’ve been loyal to for years (but we won’t tell if you don’t). You won’t find the dramatic results of a PDO Thread Lift at the bottom of a bottle. It delivers instant and on-going results so you can claim back more room on your bathroom shelf now you’ve discovered beauty’s worst kept secret.

It involves inserting tiny dissolvable threads made from polydioxanone, the same material used to stitch wounds after a surgery, into the skin for an immediate lift. They’re covered in microscopic lines that attach themselves to the tissue and pull the skin up to the desired position. Once under the skin, they’ll begin to dissolve themselves, triggering collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in the targeted area for an even fuller look that’ll develop over time.

Pain: 5/10

Downtime: 0, slight bleeding might occur during treatment and slight bruising on rare occasions Results: Instant

How often: once per area (top-up available) with ongoing results up to 5 years with good hydration

Cost: £££

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy will tighten and plump your skin whilst you feel nothing but a warm sensation across your face – a taste of summer all year round without harsh UV rays. Perfect for those who enjoy the warmth of golden hour and looking for a non-invasive alternative to reduce the appearance of saggy skin.

Collagen provides structure to the skin whilst elastin allows it to bounce back to its original state. Trouble is, as we get older their rate of production slows down (sigh). To increase your levels of collagen and elastin we recommend a treatment plan of multi-coloured LEDs.

LEDs stimulate collagen and elastin production as it targets and strengthens the mitochondria, responsible for the efficiency of cells. The stronger the mitochondria, the better they’re able to perform. Most of LEDs are colourless, but they can have a filter to reach a deeper level, further into the skin. A combination of multi-colour LEDs will leave no cell untouched.

Pain: 0/10

Downtime: 0

Results: 1-2 weeks

How often: 2-3 weeks

Cost: £


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