Vascular Lesions can look and feel awful. Summer can be a nightmare when you have to always cover up these unsightly veins. But do you need surgery? There is a safer and quicker procedure with less or no pain and downtime at all. How do you get vascular lesions? When your arteries become narrowed or […]

Valentine’s Glow Skincare

Reflect the glow of spring on Valentine’s day by making sure your face is intensely hydrated with a our miracle moisturiser that is packed with nourishing vitamins, molecular water and all the natural goodness that your skin deserves.  Like TV personality Jess Wright and former Made in Chelsea star Camilla Mackintosh who have both had […]

SKINuary – Is your ‘New Year, New Me” plan neglecting this major organ?

It can’t have escaped your attention that with every new year comes the huge slew of social media posts, blogs and magazine articles surrounding a ‘New Year, New Lifestyle’, and while most people are choosing to protect their liver (dry January), heart (healthier diet), or mind (stress relief), one major organ is going largely ignored, […]

You don’t need vascular surgery

Her doctor said it was impossible without vascular surgery. Until then, she couldn’t wear short skirts or anything that revealed her prominent vascular lesions. These happen when your arteries become narrowed or blocked, causing poor blood flow to your arms and legs, or as a side-effect of ageing. Such a condition can lower your confidence […]